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Which service do I want?


This depends on what kind of writer you are and what stage you are at with your work.


At the Writing Room we are particularly proud of our impressive team of readers. We work only with established members of the publishing community: the advice you receive is always that of respected professionals based on their insider knowledge of the ever-changing industry.


Our readers have the skills to critique a typescript effectively and sensitively; their experience enables them to engage with developing writers and to bring out the best in your work.


When you contact us we discuss your needs and what you hope to gain from the Writing Room. We pride ourselves on matching your typescript with the most suitable reader and most appropriate service, ensuring that you really benefit from the experience. 



When will the Writing Room reply?


Other than in exceptional circumstances, we respond to all first enquiries within 48 hours.


For a Manuscript or Proposal Appraisal you can expect to receive your report in four to six weeks. 



I've received my report - what should I do next?


Once you have digested the feedback in your report, and we have answered any queries you may have, it is time to put the advice into practice. This is no easy task, self-editing is a skill unto itself.


You may feel that the most effective way for you to review your work is with the input of a Mentor session. Equally, once you have created a new draft you might like to arrange a short appraisal, so you can evaluate how the work has developed.


When you are satisfied that your material is in its strongest possible state your thoughts will turn to approaching agents and publishers.  There are some invaluable industry guides for you to consult at this stage, we particularly recommend The Writers and Artists Yearbook (an updated edition is published annually).


In the first instance you will want to submit the work to agents (very few mainstream publishers accept unsolicited material - ie: books that are not represented by agents - nowadays). Take time to research each agency, consider whether they represent the kind of work that you have created, whether you would be a good fit for their list and whether they'd be a good fit for you!


Finally, be sure that you are submitting to each agency according to their specific guidelines: most will request the full typescript or the first three consecutive chapters, a one page synopsis and a covering letter containing your biographical details, including any relevant writing experience that you may have or (if you are writing non-fiction) expertise in the area that you are writing about. These requirements do vary - some agencies only take submissions via email, others will only accept them via post, for example - so do check.


Be kind to your readers - use a clear, well spaced font in twelve point and remember to paginate! 


Can the Writing Room publish my book?


The Writing Room is not a publisher. We will, however, advise you how to go about submitting your work to agents (as above) and can guide you through the self-publishing process, should you chose to go that route. 

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